NGC6822 & NGC6818

Image taken at Clayton Bay, South Australia

Equipment - FSQ106ED and QSI683-8

Guiding - QSI OAG and SBIG ST-i.

Software - MaximDL, Focusmax, Pinpoint, CCDautopilot 5

L Ha OII RGB 25 hours

Darks, flats and biases applied

Processed in CCD stack and Photoshop CS6

Object -NGC6822 is located in the constellation of Sagittarius at a distance of 1.6 million light years. It is a barred irregular galaxy. NGC6818 also in the field ia planetary nebula at a distance 6000 light years. Interestingly, this image also contains a faint OIII gas bubble just to the upper left of 6818. It is a recent discovery and named Patchick 161.