NGC3267, NGC3268, NGC3269 and NGC3271

Image taken at Clayton Bay, South Australia

Equipment - GSO RC12 STXL11002

Guiding - Integrated guide camera and AOX

Focuser/Rotator - Moonlite Nitecrawler 30

Software - MaximDL, Focusmax, Pinpoint, CCDautopilot 5

LRGB 28.5 hours

Darks, flats and biases applied

Processed in CCD stack and Photoshop CS6

Object -Located in the constellation of Antlia at a distance of 132 million light years.

There are many galaxies within this frame, some very distant and slightly red shifted. At the top of the image is NGC3267, 3268, 3269 and 3271.

NGC3269 is the one I find most interesting with it being lenticular and distinct rings.