NGC 2020, NGC2040, NGC1935, NGC1934, NGC1955

Image taken at Clayton Bay, South Australia

Equipment - FSQ106ED and QSI683-8

Guiding - QSI OAG and SBIG ST-i.

Software - MaximDL, Focusmax, Pinpoint, CCDautopilot 5

LRGB SII Ha OIII 270 140 140 140 540 660 600 (30 minute subs for Lum, Ha, SII OIII; 20 minute subs for colour)

Darks, flats and biases applied

Processed in CCD stack and Photoshop CS6

Object -Located in the constellation of Dorado and part of the Large Magellanic Cloud and lies at a distance of more than 160,000 light years.