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Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

The largest astronomy forum on the face of earth. If it has happened you will find it there.

Ice in Space

Australia's largest astro forum.



Binocular and Telescope Shop

Australia's largest astronomy product shop. Just about every product you can buy here in Australia.

Precise Parts

Ashley makes adapters for a wide range of astronomy equipment.

Telescopes and Astronomy

Matthew Lovells business is selling astro gear at very affordable prices. Often he is the cheapest anywhere in Australia. Look him up and see if he can get it in for you.

Point Grey Research

Great cameras for planetary and solar imaging. Excellent service too.


One of America's largest and best retailers to deal with. For Aussie buyers this place has just about everything. Their service is great and their prices are good too.


A great manufacturer of saddle plates, dove tails etc. Their prices are the cheapest and their service is second to none. Great people to deal with.

Andrews Communications

Affordable telescopes and top quality service.



Great Imagers

Birds Astronomy

One of Australia best planetary imagers. His research and dedication to planetary imaging have revolutionised imaging in Australia. A great friend too.

Damian Peach

The best planetary imager alive today. His images will astound you. Great imager and nice bloke.

Dave Tyler

Well skilled planetary imager. Informative website and I have to say one of my best internet friends. Terrific person and imager.

Dietmar Hager

Fantastic image of deep sky objects, and planetary images. A great imager and really genuine guy.

Ken Crawford

Fantastic images from one of America's best. Excellent tutorials available too.

Martin Pugh

Australia's imported astrophotographer. World wide awarded for his images. He lived here for a while so we claimed him.

Chris Go

Discoverer of red spot jr, and co-ordinator of HST Jupiter. Great planetary imager





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